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Industries We Serve: Your Financial Success is Our Mission

  • Local Cafés and Restaurants: These places are often the go-to spots for neighbors to catch up and relax.

  • Grocery Stores: Small, locally-owned grocery stores often offer products from local farms and suppliers.

  • Bookshops: Nothing like a cozy, local bookstore where people can browse, read, and share recommendations.

  • Fitness Centers: Places like yoga studios or small gyms that are owned by people who live in the area.

  • Art Galleries: Local art galleries often showcase work from artists in the community. Craft Stores: These are great for picking up unique, locally-made gifts and supplies.

  • Farmers Markets: A wonderful place to get fresh, local produce and handcrafted items.

  • Pet Care Services: Think local pet groomers, vets, and pet-sitting services.

  • Beauty Salons/Barbershops: These businesses often become staples in a community, offering not just haircuts but a sense of belonging.

  • Cleaning Services: Local cleaning businesses often get to know their clients really well and can offer customized services.

  • Daycare Centers: Community-based childcare can be super helpful for busy parents.

  • Tutoring Services: Local tutors can offer more personalized attention to students in the community.

  • Clothing Boutiques: Small, local clothing stores can offer unique styles and personalized shopping experiences.

  • Home Improvement Services: Think local painters, gardeners, and carpenters who really know what's suitable for the area's climate and style.

Hey there, world-changers! At CFO & Associates, we're not just number crunchers; we're part of your team. From nonprofits to community-based businesses, we serve a variety of industries in the Greater Atlanta area. Scroll on to see if we’re the right fit for your awesome work!

Nonprofits Organizations

What We Offer: Our financial services for nonprofits cover the whole nine yards: compliance, grant management, accounting, and even CFO services.

Why Choose Us: We get nonprofits because we're passionate about positive change. We'll help you manage your finances so you can focus on making a difference.

Community-Based Businesses

What We Offer: From accounting and tax prep to strategic CFO services, we offer tailor-made solutions for businesses rooted in the community.

Why Choose Us: We understand that community-based businesses have unique needs. Our services will help you sustain and grow your impact locally.


Your Financial Goals, Our Expertise

At CFO & Associates, we’re geared toward your success. No matter your industry, we have the expertise to guide you toward solid financial health. Together, let’s make your financial goals a reality!

Excited to partner up for financial awesomeness?

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