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Nique The CFO

My Name is Shawntinique Wiggins but you can call me Nique. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. Graduated from the best high school in the universe, Cass Tech and also hold a Bachelors Degree from Colorado Technical University.

I have four amazing children, which one is autistic. My journey as an entrepreneur, a student and a parent has not been easy but it is worth it!

All my life I have always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Now what kind and what field of entrepreneurship was the problem lol. 

Numbers was something I was always good at since grade school but I never thought anything of it until high school, Cass Tech days. My major in high school was Marketing & Entrepreneurship, I fell in love with accounting my 10th grade year but still didn't think about a career in it until a few years testing college out. 

I started out doing taxes while I was in college but only for close family members, in 2018 I decided to start my own tax business, as time went on I added accounting & CFO services to my business. 

My goal is to help business owners learn the how to operate the backend of their business

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A Chief Financial Officer

Some business owners will hire direct staff and others may outsource this position.

You can count on your CFO to help guide you to grow your business 

A CFO will help you raise the capital you need to keep moving your business forward. Their main goal is to keep your business fully funded and growing.


While you concentrate on growing your business, introducing products and taking care of the marketing, your CFO can meet with investors, lenders and other key partners. This frees you up and puts someone with great knowledge and experience in charge of your finances.


Reasons you need a CFO




  • As your CFO we can put in place all of your record keeping software, to keep track of all of your finances. 

  • Create you a budget and make sure you stick to it.

Management Reporting


The CFO will develop all of the reporting materials you need for your board meetings.


Financial and Strategic Analysis


We analyze your finances by looking at your past, present and future standings of your finances.


Planning & Forecasting

Since your CFO is in the business of financial and strategic analysis, this person can also help you forecast into the future and make plans based on data as well as the forecast.



We will help you identify your struggle areas such as if you are spending to much or if the spending is ineffective. We can help you reduce spending and help you create more profits.


Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

A KPI is what your startup uses to measure your progress and meet your goals.

I can provide you with reporting to help you manage your business and your KPIs.

Raise Capital

I play a vital role in helping you raise capital from venture capitalists, angel investors, banks and others.

Having an expert in your corner is a benefit.

As you continue to grow your business, you want to add the expertise of a chief financial officer.

Even if you can’t afford a full time CFO, or you aren’t big enough, you still need a CFO.

The best option is to outsource this position. Having someone to mentor or advise you in all matters pertaining to finances is crucial to the success of your business.


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